Wayne Schepens, Vice President of Welz & Weisel

About Wayne Schepens

Wayne Schepens currently serves as Vice President at Welz and Weisel Communications in Baltimore, Maryland. Schepens puts his extensive experience in technology, project management, communications, and leadership at the service of technology firms in all stages of development. Together with the rest of the team at the company, Wayne Schepens helps firms in the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) sectors build credibility and awareness of their products and services.

With more than 16 years experience in technology, engineering, and business startups, Wayne Schepens understands the challenges that face IT startups. As the founder and principal for WayneWright Consulting, LLC, he assisted software companies with product development, business strategy, and market positioning. As an advisor to Soteria Network Technologies of Baltimore, he secured grants, helped to launch the company, and led it through the acquisition stage.

Wayne Schepens is also the founder of NW2 Engineers and WayneWright Designs. The two Baltimore-area contractors employ a team of skilled engineers and handle a variety of building and renovation projects. In addition to offering mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design packages, the firms have expertise in spatial design, a field that merges architectural, landscape, and interior design. They focus on commercial building in the DC and Baltimore region.

Before he entered the private sector, Wayne Schepens worked for the federal government and the military in a variety of roles. He has published several papers on network security, including works on the feasibility of Internet-based absentee voting in national elections and use of games and competitions to improve network security. A skilled speaker, Schepens has participated in a variety of high-profile events in the IT world, such as the Black Hat Briefings and Trainings Conference. In his spare time, Schepens provides pro-bono consulting to local small businesses, skis, and coaches baseball.


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